The Importance of Copywriting In A Web Portofolio.

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Portfolios are very important in the world of work that deals directly with clients or Company Hiring. Because this is a reference for clients to consider the project they will build or plan. Or for HR considerations where you are looking for work.

Portfolio should be made as good as possible. Because other people can judge psychology and the way we work even if only by looking at the portfolio. For this reason, it is very important that we have a sense of making a portfolio. The goal is that our portfolio looks simple in appearance and writing.

Why is writing necessary? Yes, if we create a portfolio on a website or blog platform, of course there will be some important things that we need to write about. Such as About me, Your Service, and Why you.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

About Me.

This section is very important. it’s an introduction section.because potential clients or just visitors will see your background, what you have done and where it is . And especially where your location. if they are interested. If you have worked with a large profile, or maybe company. it is highly recommended to include it. Because it can affect the psychology of the visitor. So here you have to keep it short & yet detailed.

Your Service.

If you are a service vendor, then it is very important that you include any type of service and the estimated costs and details. Don’t forget to also include an additional fee if the work requires more costs such as transportation, venue or another factor (usually occurs in the field of photography/videoography).

Why You.

Of course this can be an important assessment for prospective clients. Here you have to promote yourself and show your superiority from others. What is the added value that at least can be felt by the client. Without judging the other.

That was the important thing that we have to do besides your work which you will display in your portfolio. Keep up the work. Although not perfect but at least you have started.

Stay Creative !!

Thanks for reading
See yaa 🤍



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